Why do I need to service my boiler?

Why do I need to service my boiler document

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Why is it important to regularly service your HDG biomass boiler?

Peace of Mind

Servicing and maintaining a HDG biomass boiler requires a specialist engineer who is skilled, trained and fully approved by HDG to undertake the work.
HDG recommend that all HDG biomass boilers have a full service once a year with an interim clean and service determined by the operating hours of the boiler.
This makes sure that the boiler is producing the maximum amount of heat from the fuel used and any problems with the boiler are spotted early and any deteriorating parts are replaced before effecting the operation and efficiency of the boiler.


The Manufacturer’s warranty can be invalidated if the boiler has not been serviced in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. HDG require that all service and maintenance of HDG boilers is undertaken by an approved engineer.


A biomass boiler is a solid fuel appliance which produces waste products in the form of flue emissions and ash.
Ash waste from wood chips is approximately 3% and much lower for wood pellets at about 1%.
As the exhaust gases move through the boiler and combustion process, ash builds up on the steel surfaces of the boiler. This not only leads to greater wear and tear on the boiler parts but also greatly reduces the amount of heat transfer which in turn uses more fuel to generate the heat required.
To maintain the thermal efficiency of the boiler, regular servicing and cleaning will significantly reduce waste build up.

Lifespan of the boiler

Biomass boilers contain moving parts which need to be regularly checked and lubricated to maintain the lifespan and efficiency of the boiler.

Managing Cost

It is more cost effective for our customers to undertake a regular service and maintenance schedule for their HDG biomass boilers than to call out our engineers on an emergency basis.
Regular servicing also reduces overall fuel cost by ensuring the boiler is operating at its most efficient.

At Advanced Biomass we try, where possible, to group our servicing schedules within a 50 mile radius. By grouping our work in locations we reduce our travel costs which we directly pass on to our customers.

Maximising RHI

Once accredited with the Renewable Heat Incentive you are required to demonstrate that your biomass boiler has been regularly maintained and serviced by a qualified engineer. OFGEM may require to see records and evidence as part of your ongoing RHI payments. Your payments may stop if your biomass boiler is not serviced and maintained regularly. Having a well maintained and serviced biomass system will maximise you RHI returns.